Mayticks Artist – Comic Goddess

23-year-old queer artist mum who is 100% awkward all the time. Creator of Lesbo Mum Adventures and other gay stuff; she can be found hiding in her home like an anxious bean, watching bad Netflix shows and drinking tea. She likes plants and drawing cute girls. Her list of online haunts include Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
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21123016_1522845424450176_1113264589_oValmyWriter and Editor – Minister of Button-Clicking

A 24 year-old Lesbian. Reminiscent of a raccoon, Valmy is obsessed with food, sleep, and doing things with her weird little hands. She is wife’d to Mayticks and shares in an adorable toddler, likes books and having her hair patted. She spends her days dealing dildos and vibrators to the masses, and her nights chasing her toddler and clicking buttons. She can be found lurking on Tumblr and Instagram.

21146571_1523395761061809_405056843_oSiren Writer and Editor –  Sex Tip Fact-Checker

||23 Year Old Queer Poly Femme Switch|| Siren teaches people about sexy stuff; writes and talks about sexy stuff; is a pro-sexy stuff activist and occasionally finds time to do sexy stuff! Moonlights as a dominatrix and cosplay camgirl but also literally cried when she met the cast of Rupaul’s Drag Race and Sex Nerd Sandra. She hoards make up, sex toys and fetish shoes and has clocked over 500 hours in Skyrim. Siren can be spotted on TwitterInstagram, WordPress and her Website.

21170964_1522848284449890_619747892_oSiân Writer and Editor – Over-comitted Occasional Contributor and Social Media Slut

Sian is many things, and is kind of unsure how to describe herself in any given context. Officially her job title is “professional pyromaniac art pornographer” but she feels this is always open to interpretation. (She’s a hippy artist type, can you tell?) She spends her time writing bad poetry, knitting, making cinematic porn, and recently ran away to join the circus. Sian has crappy lungs, and takes her walker covered in fairy lights out partying in the forest. She gets a lot of fist bumps for “dedication” but actually she’s just a stubborn weirdo who refuses to sit still even when she can’t breathe. Learn more about why she needs mobility aids here. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon ~A wild Siren appears! Sian used smooch! It’s super effective!~


Kerns – Tired Queer Backup Artist.